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About Me

I am Jez Grattan-Kane.. a modern day Yogi.

Based in Bristol UK, I teach and research movement and breath in relation to physical and mental health. This is through a weave of Yoga, Breathwork and studying Integrative Transpersonal Psychology. My motivation for this work is fueled by a love of nature and curiosity to the potential of human experience.

Through my own journey of acceptance, healing and recovery from addiction, I have developed a fascination with the interplay between Mind, Body and Breath.

It is my long term aim to create a synthesis of somatic, breath, talk therapy and ecopsychology to support the emergent needs of individuals and groups. Integrating the past, increasing well being in the present and consciously co-creating a future.


How I work

I work with the Breath, modern anatomy, neurology, psychology & the time tested methods of Yoga to hold space to what needs to emerge for the individual or group.

Developing awareness, capacity and quality of breath is a master key to the physical, mental, emotional and social improvement of life.

The Breath is a key for you to use to: Rest. Recharge. Refocus.


Classes, Workshops & Retreats

Retreats & Workshops

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Introduction to the Breath

Inhale & Exhale. Yang & Yin

In this essay we will look at the inhale and exhale. Then break down the active (Yang) and passive (Yin) aspects. Then explore their effects on physiology, neurology and psychology. …

What is Conscious Connected Breathing?

The breath is fundamental to human life. Conscious Connected Breathing (CCB) is a practice, which develops an awareness and ability to use the breath in all areas of life. There …