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Develop awareness of the Mind |Learn the language of the Body | Harness the power of the Breath

About Me

I am Jez Grattan-Kane.. a modern day Yogi.

I enjoy a weave of studying Integrative Transpersonal Psychology & Breathwork. This work is fuelled by a deep love of nature & curiosity to the potential of human experience.

Through my own journey of healing & recovery from addiction, I have developed a fascination with the interplay between Mind, Body & Breath.

My love for this work provides a strong motivation to embrace all of its angles, challenges & perspectives.


How I work

I work by weaving exploration of the Breath with modern anatomy, neurology, psychology & the time tested methods of Yoga to create what is needed in powerful, profound & unique for each individual or group.

Developing awareness, capacity and quality of breath is a master key to the physical, mental, emotional and social improvement of life.

The Breath is a key for you to use to: Rest. Recharge. Refocus.


Classes, Workshops & Retreats

Retreats & Workshops

** **23,24,25, January – Y-42 – Ultimate Wellbeing Retreat https://www.y-42.com/


Introduction to the Breath

Breath Keys

The Breath is a key: ⚡Inhale your heart speeds up ⚡Exhale your heart slows down. ⚡Observe how you are in relation to your environment, internally & externally  ⚡Gently amplify the …

Parallels in Nature

As above.. So below I enjoy seeing patters… Successful patterns, often repeat themselves in nature. Soil health – Human Microbiome – What pattern do you see Soil health is a …

Why the Breath?

The breath is always with us. It is a constant throughout life, waking, dreaming… it is always there. Can it be key to life?… My experience so far is that …