Learning is a master skill, one which can unlock other skills, create a dynamic life and shape your future. This
In this essay we will look at the inhale and exhale. Then break down the active (Yang) and passive (Yin)
The breath is fundamental to human life. Conscious Connected Breathing (CCB) is a practice, which develops an awareness and ability
This is a list of easy and effective tools to create deeper states of rest and sleep. Sleep is a
The mind can move just like our physical body. How many times do we trip over our own thoughts in
Can a specific breathing pattern change the autonomic response to a psychological stressor? Yes has been my experience. You too
The Breath is a key: ⚡Inhale your heart speeds up ⚡Exhale your heart slows down. ⚡Observe how you are in
As above.. So below I enjoy seeing patters... Successful patterns, often repeat themselves in nature. Soil health - Human Microbiome
The breath is always with us. It is a constant throughout life, waking, dreaming… it is always there. Can it